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Kyung Yoo Pursell

This is the website of our main designer, Kyung. Here you'll find examples of her design and art direction work. This including, but not limited to website/banner, magazine covers, infographics, promotional/marketing and editorial design.

foreign films

A commercial/video production company operating out of both New York City, USA and Milan, Italy. This website is video-heavy and utilizes a combination of HTML/CSS and PHP for design and content.

Select Videos:
Visa - Aquarium
Bacardi - Bombay Sapphire
Clorox - Mermaid

Joanne Howard

An artist's website with lots of pictures on display and some video content. This site also utilizes a balance of HTML styled using CSS and content displayed using PHP scripts for consistant content delivery.

Society of Maritime Arbitrators, New York

Lawyers for the high seas. This website is document/text heavy and makes extensive use of CSS both for content styling consistency and dynamic flow of content across browsers. Some PHP and SQL database access is also involved for the calendar and roster functionality.

Training Cats and Dogs

Sharon Mear, animal behaviorist and all around pet-whisperer. This was basically a re-coding of a pre-existing Wordpress site which had become unmanageable. We basically retained the design but just recoded using straight HTML and CSS for styling.